Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2nd Annual Pirate Week

Last year I started my theme weeks with Pirate Week for National Speak Like a Pirate Day.  Well, that day is today and my kids had so much fun with this week last year that I had to bring it back.  I added a few extra games and activities to change things up and also a few more books.  Please refer to my previous post for the majority of my plans.
Eye Patch!!:
My kids LOVE Headbands and I do too because there are so many things you can work on with that one game: categories, descriptive features, inferencing, articulation, voice, fluency, etc. My current intern had the idea to attach artic cards to an eye patch and make it more pirate related. (Can I also just take a minute and say how thankful I am for my graduate school alma mater, University of Texas at Dallas, for supplying me with the BEST interns!!! I mean, they are really spectacular.  I have been SO BLESSED with the wonderful ladies whom I have had the pleasure to work with these past few years!!! Sorry, that just needed to be said.)  For my artic kids, I used SuperDuper artic cards for the sounds they are working on.  I used the same cards for all of my other kids, it just didn't matter what sounds I used.  After three days of this game being used at all different levels I can tell you it is a success!!!  Good thinking Morgan!!!

Pirate Pictures:
A bunch of my kids with AU are working on determining a person's/character's feelings/motives/intent through nonverbals so I thought I would print off some pirate pictures for them to look at and discuss.  We focused on three main things for each picture:
1. What the characters are looking at
2. What the characters might be thinking
3. How the characters are feeling
When I was looking for good pirate pictures to use online, I discovered that most of the pictures are not quite appropriate for my kids.  I was feeling kind of low about this fact, and then the clouds parted, and the sun shined down on The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  I have never seen this movie, however what I do know about it is that it is a stop motion film where the characters have great facial expressions and big eyes so you can follow their eye gaze.  I found 20 different pictures online, pasted them into a pirate boarder, and voila! my pirate pictures were born.  I do not know the copy write info on taking pictures from movies so I'm not going to post them to my TPT store, but I will post them here.  So, for anyone who asks, these pictures all came from The Pirates! Band of Misfits which is a movie by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Aardman Animation.  Hopefully that is enough credit ;)

Get your Pirate Pictures here!!!

Pirate Talk:
My artic kids have been working SO hard over the past year on learning how to say all of their sounds so a bunch of them are now at the conversational level. Last year we played a game created by Jenna Rayburn from Speech Room News called Capture the Jolly Roger to work on conversation. I wanted to add another level to the game by creating some questions/conversation starters to elicit even more connected speech from them. You can use the cards alone or in conjunction with the game Jenna created (see previous post). They are also my first product on my TPT store!!! Don't worry, they are still free, I'm just moving everything over there instead of Google docs from now on.

Get your Pirate Talk cards here!!!

The last additions to my Pirate Week activities are some new books: Pirate Soup by Erica Farber and J.R. Sansevere and Edward and the Pirates by David McPhail.  Both books are relatively short so you can do other activities with them.  I make picture cues for Pirate Soup to work with my younger kids on sequencing and retell and am using the Story Grammar Marker to retell Edward and the Pirates

I hope you can use any or all of these activites.  Don't forget to look back at my previous post for more!!!


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